Lost creating your perfect t-shirt design?

Try using our new AI image creator which is currently only on our desktop version of our t-shirt designer. Use a text prompt to ask for your own unique image of exactly what you want to add to your t-shirt.

Tips for using our AI creator

Use a short phrase (prompt) to describe the image which you would like to create. Be as descriptive as possible to ask for the image you want to see rather than what you want the image for.

The AI bots use your text to create the image it thinks that you want. You can create an image with a single word, such as ‘cat’, but it is unlikely to be the exact image that you want, so the more information you give the more accurate your image should be.

Keep your prompts simple and precise.

Example prompts

A beautiful woman in summer

A wolf with headphones on his ears

A gorilla with red paint splatters on its face

Style of your image

If you have an idea of the style or colour you want in your image you can add them to your prompt e.g. Line art, Sketch, Watercolour, Pixel art, Graffiti, Block colour etc…


Christmas tree at Christmas surrounded by presents…

…in a watercolour style

…in a graffiti style

…in a photorealistic style


You can add a mood to your image by adding an emotion to your prompt, such as ‘a happy cat’, ‘confused pigeon’ or ‘cute dragon’.

Be creative

To get the best results, imagine the image that you would like, then describe it to our bots and discover the results… give it a go!

Limitations - Text

As much as the AI creator creates amazing images, it does not understand text. It see’s text as visual symbols without meaning, it can’t read. It is best to avoid prompts to create logos or text elements within the design. Fortunately we have a great text editor within our t-shirt designer… so to create the best design, create an image using the AI creator, add it to the t-shirt and add your text using the text tool in the t-shirt designer.


The AI creator is uniquely for creating images. In short, it does not understand text and any it may create will not make sense as the AI creator can not read. It views any text elements as visual graphic symbols.

If the design you what the create contains text you can use the AI creator to create the image only part of your design. Then use the text tool in our t-shirt designer to add the text that you need.

The AI creator is trained on millions of images but does not have knowledge of the world like we do. It does not have access to the internet and does not know that there were 4 members of Queen, or what London looks like, or who Kim Kardashian is.

Describe the image that you would like to see without using external references.